Passport and Visa
The Faroe Islands are tied to the Danish immigration policy, but despite this there are some differences in working, residing and visiting. See also Living in the Faroe Islands.

Nordic countries
Citizens of the Nordic countries, with a passport from these countries, are not obliged to show a passport, but have to be able to identify themselves with a document of identification that includes a picture.

Where to apply for a Visa
Contact the Royal Danish Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence for further information.

A list of Danish Embassies and Consulates around the world can be viewed here.

In general, EU citizens are obliged to show a valid passport when entering the Faroe Islands. In most cases, showing an ID card is not sufficient. There are, however, some exceptions.

If you are a German or Italian CITIZEN, you may enter with an ID card. It is NOT sufficient to only be a German or Italian resident. All other EU citizens must show a valid passport.

If in doubt, contant Atlantic Airways (airline)

SCHENGEN-countries and other countries
Visitors from Schengen countries must show a valid passport. A list over Schengen countries can be seen here.

Visitors from countries where a visa is mandatory must hold a visa valid for up to three months, or a residence permit. The list of countries requiring visa for entering the Faroe Islands is the same as for Denmark and can be seen here.

The Faroe Islands are not part of Schengen. Consequently people cannot enter the Faroe Islands based on their Schengen visas.  When a visa is applied for at the Danish Embassy it must be specifically for the Faroe Islands.

The conditions for obtaining a visa for the Faroe Islands are similar to the conditions for obtaining a visa for Denmark.

A visa for Denmark does not give the holder the right to enter the Faroe Islands unless it is stated in the visa, just as a visa for the Faroe Islands does not give the holder the right to enter Denmark, if it is not stated in the visa. Visa is required for entering the Faroe Islands regardless of the person having a residence permit in Denmark. Correspondingly, a visa is required when entering Denmark, even though the person has a residence permit in the Faroe Islands.

Further information for foreigners living in Denmark, who wish to visit the Faroe Islands, can be found here.